CAN-Reel BubsLCD Preshow
23 Jul
13 Aug
Reel Bubs
Tailored to meet the needs of parents and carers including dimmed lights (not total darkness) and reduced sound levels.
Dendy Cinemas
Available to book on the Tuesday for the Thursday

Everyone is welcome at our Reel Bubs sessions but please note they are designed to make the cinema experience accessible for parents and carers.

Please note that Reel Bubs sessions are available to book on the Tuesday prior to the session. We don’t restrict the age of children attending these sessions but note that only children under 5 receive free admission.

July 23rd - The Burnt Orange Heresy

July 30th - Babyteeth

Aug 6th - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Aug 13th - Made in Italy

Please note that Reel Bubs don't run on School Holidays.

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