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The Tea Centre's new, BLUE, healthy tea!
Bohemian Blue is The Tea Centre’s own unique take on the popular butterfly pea tea!
Published 26 May
The Tea Centre

Since the dawn of social media, the likes of matcha, kombucha, and the perennial chai have all spent their time in the spotlight. However, you can expect these trendy teas to take a backseat as The Tea Centre's new bright blue blend comes into the foray…

Introducing Bohemian Blue, The Tea Centre's limited-edition, all-natural blue tea blend that champions butterfly pea flowers (a powerhouse herb that comes packed with health benefits).

Unlike other butterfly pea teas currently on the market, Bohemian Blue does not sacrifice taste for a pretty blue brew. Other butterfly pea tisanes are not blended and are instead marketed as herbal sleepy teas—alternatively, you can be rest assured that ours is no snoozefest. 

As butterfly pea flower is quite an earthy herbal that has no distinctive taste on its own, we’ve added extra zing to Bohemian Blue by incorporating real crushed ginger and zesty lemongrass into the mix. 

Lauded as the ‘king of the stomach’, ginger is a natural mood enhancer and tummy soother that—when combined with the antioxidants in butterfly pea flower—allows the drinker to completely de-stress and perform at their best throughout the day. Add in a kiss of lemongrass and you complete the tummy trifecta. A tea that aids digestion, boosts metabolism, and promotes good gut health.  

One of the best things about Bohemian Blue is that she can change colour from bright blue to purple or deep magenta in a matter of seconds thanks to the butterfly pea flower’s rare pH properties. Just a few drops of citral acid (think a squeeze of lemon or grapefruit slice) will transform Bohemian Blue into a gorgeous heliotrope colour that tastes extra zesty!

Ready to taste Bohemian Blue for yourself? Head into The Tea Centre to pick up Bohemian Blue packaged in a stunning loose leaf tin today!

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