T2: Invigorating Hydration
Time to invigorate your fruit tisane stash?
Published 05 October

Blackcurrant Peach Blush:

An overload of juicy, zingy blackcurrant flavours combines with the soft, sweet ripeness of fresh peaches for one of nature’s most tantalisingly refreshing fruit combos.

All Nighty Aphrodite:

Sip into something comfortable with this steamy number! Turn up the heat with a heart-thumping potion of apple, hibiscus, beetroot, pomegranate and orange. It’s a cheeky bit tart, unapologetically tangy and guilty of putting just about every tea lover under its spell!

Rosa Framboesa:

Fruit and floral notes partner up for one rosy romance of a cuppa! Lush raspberries rumba with pretty rose petals to start, then rosehip and hibiscus shimmy in with a burst of beetroot to leave those tastebuds steeped off their feet.

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