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Denis Villeneuve Retrospective
We are proud to present a retrospective program of Denis Villeneuve’s thrilling filmography on the big screen
Dendy Cinemas

A decade ago, French-Canadian writer director Denis Villeneuve was a relative unknown on the international stage. His early films, AUGUST 32ND ON EARTH, MAELSTRÖM, and POLYTECHNIQUE, each one a superb, fascinating, idiosyncratic, and powerful drama in their own right, had garnered multiple awards and critical acclaim on the festival circuit and in his native Canada, but it wasn’t until 2010’s compelling and devastating adaptation INCENDIES made a splash at Venice and Cannes and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film that Monsieur Villeneuve’s truly meteoric rise began to draw the attention it deserved. Since then, in the space of ten years Villeneuve has grown to become one of cinema’s most important and influential icons. Going from strength to strength, from his intelligent, complex but punchy thrillers PRISONERS, ENEMY, and SICARIO, to his more recent sweeping, spell-binding, but no-less smart, science fiction spectacles ARRIVAL and BLADE RUNNER 2049, every entry in his filmography has been rightfully lauded, consolidating his place at the height of mainstream cinema.

He now sits among the pantheon of great modern filmmakers and his phenomenal, thoughtful plot-twist filled films and meticulous, character-driven style are essential viewing for all film fans. Please join us in a celebration of this modern genius of cinema.

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