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The Rose Maker - Seniors Morning Tea
Start your day with a cup of tea and a French comedy-drama starring Catherine Frot. Be the first to see 'The Rose Maker'
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Directed by Pierre Pinaud, the film stars Catherine Frot as Eve Vernet, a formerly successful rose grower on the verge of bankruptcy, who hires three workers with no horticultural skills and must train them to help save her business.

Eve was content living her life focused on her passion: being one of the greatest rose makers in the world. However, when financial ruin threatens her livelihood desperate measures are required. Her loyal secretary, Vera, comes up with what she thinks is a brilliant idea to save them, and hires three hapless people from a back-to-work program. There is just one small problem: they know absolutely nothing about gardening. Despite their obvious differences the new team comes up with a crazy plan that could change their lives forever, and Eve unexpectedly discovers new parts of life that are worth nurturing.