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System K - Stronger Than Fiction - Documentary Film Festival
Forget Banksy - the most exciting, provocative street art isn’t for sale at Christie’s or Sotheby’s.
Dendy Cinemas

System K showcases an astounding group of passionate street artists and their striking, conceptual and confronting works of art. 

The political drive of the work is clear: DR Congo is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world, but a history of violent colonialism, civil war and political corruption has left many inhabitants of Kinshasa living in desperate poverty. Under a repressive dictatorship, artists who discuss such ideas risk their freedom each time they exhibit.

With few resources at their disposal, the artists transform broken waste materials culled from garbage bins and trash heaps to create monumental installations, or use their own bodies in poetic, kinetic performance pieces. The resulting work is vibrant, raw, and vital; full of ironic humor and rage. 

“There’s rarely a single shot that isn’t populated by an eye-widening work of art...A film of furious self-representation and self-determination; its eloquent yet angry voices screaming out to be heard.” - Alternate Takes

Stronger Than Fiction has returned in 2021 as a monthly Documentary Series rather than a festival. Once a month, STF curate one of the best and freshest international feature documentaries -- the most moving stories, the most relevant topics, the most cutting-edge cinematic craft -- all accompanied by director Q&As, expert panels, discussion groups, and great local wine. It's a film club for documentary lovers, upgraded.