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Canberra Centre's Customer Service Desk is currently closed. 

Here you can find:

  • Information on Canberra Centre's retailers and events
  • Provision of Canberra Centre Gift Certificates
  • Hiring of wheelchairs, plus motorised scooters
  • Lost and found property register
  • Public transport information
  • Community Information
  • Personal Stylists (by appointment)
  • General enquiries
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Our Customer Service Desk is currently closed. 

Lost and Found
Contact Centre Management for more information, or use the Contact Us form.
Gift Cards

Canberra Centre Gift Cards are available for purchase online (to be sent via registered post).

Available in any denomination from $20 to $500* and valid for 36months** from the date of issue. Payment can be made by cash, Visa or Mastercard and then conveniently sent to you or your loved one via registered post***.

Please note Canberra Centre Gift Cards are redeemable at all stores, with the exception being banks, travel exchanges and ATM's. 

View the Canberra Centre Gift Card Terms and Conditions of use.

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*Please note a $1.50 activation fee does apply per card and $4.95 postage fee applies per order (maximum of 5 gift cards per order)

**Please note that only gift cards purchased after November 1st 2019 will be eligible for the 36 month expiry period.

***Please note that due to the current lockdown in the ACT and the customer service team currently offsite delivery times will be longer. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Free WiFi
Free Wi-Fi is available at Canberra Centre. To connect, ensure Wi-Fi on your device is enabled and select the available network profile "Canberra Centre Free WiFi".

Open your Internet browser and follow the prompts to login.

*Click to view the Terms and Conditions.