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One of Canberra's most creative and exciting individuals, Ashley resume is sure impress many.
Published 23 August

Ashley Feraude might just be of the most creative Canberrans. A creative consultant, podcaster, author, DJ and musician, Ashley simply exudes ingenuity and originality.

As you would expect, Ashley’s style is just as impeccable as his impressive resume. Lucky for us, Ashley is only too happy to spill his fashion tips for the upcoming season, as well as his go-to stores here at Canberra Centre.

Read on to learn more about Ashley’s style—as well as his tips for Spring-Summer dressing.


Describe your personal style in three words.

“My style is simple, modern and expressive.”


Tell us about what you are wearing today. 

“I’m wearing a whole bunch of wonderful things from MJ Bale, Country Road and Saba.”


What do you love about living in Canberra?

“I love the change of seasons, not only do they add variety to our lives but they are really great for fashion. Four great excuses to change your look and adjust your style.”


What is your go-to shops and restaurants in Canberra Centre?

“My go-to fashion shops are Cos and Zara. In terms of restaurants, Inka is definitely the flavour of the moment.”


What are your top style tips for Spring Summer?

“As you come into spring, get rid of the winter layers and enjoy the freedom. Don’t forget to celebrate colour too!”


How would you describe the local look in Canberra?

“It’s a fusion of corporate styles that you see during the week, balanced with easy-going attire on weekends. Together, it blends into a modern city look.”

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