Celebrate Coming of Age with these Kids 2021 Winter Fashion Trends
Kids can wear any number of trends, and as more designers add kids’ capsules to their collections, and brands add colour and texture to keep their young customers happy, this season, kids wear has been elevated. Discover the coolest and cosiest kids’ fashion trends for A/W 2021.
Published 11 March

Dressing up is endlessly fun and lets your little ones express themselves – why not guide them through some stylish fashion choices with the new season trends they’ll want to wear?

Fashion trends for kids aren’t difficult to research, as they typically mirror the adult trends of any given season. The difference, of course, is ensuring pieces are not only fashionable, they’re also practical and age-appropriate!

Read on to discover the biggest winter fashion trends in kids’ fashion, so your little one can look delightfully dapper or perfectly pretty.


1. Tangible Textures

While we’re seeing beautiful textures come to life in both the men’s and women’s market, we’re seeing the same on kidswear pieces. From whimsical touches of velvet to a shimmer of shearling that can add warmth to a vest, texture is having a huge moment in kidswear.

Dressier options include satin blouses or dresses for girls and sequinned shoes for boys. Let their imagination run free with unique styles that help them express themselves and be who they want to be.

1. Zara - Corduroy Romper
2. H&M - Glittery Tulle Skirt
3. Seed - Glitter High Top



2. Raw Elements

An increased focus on sustainability in fashion has cemented the importance of our connection with the natural world.

Kids’ clothing has seen a return to natural fabrics, neutral colour palettes and earthy colours like brown, sand, beige, forest green and rust red. We’re also seeing the use of sustainable dyes and environmentally friendly natural fibres.

Kidswear has also embraced the great outdoors, with weather-proof jackets in hardier fabrics featuring plenty of pockets to stash treasures found on grand adventures.

1. Country Road - Quilted Jacket
2. Myer - Inga Cropped Pant
3. Seed - Bunny Knit Sweater


3. Gender Neutral Colour Palettes

One of the biggest kids’ fashion trends to sweep the season is gender neutral clothing, particularly for the younger set. That means that colours like green, yellow and red have been immensely popular, as well as natural neutrals like sand, beige and grey.

If brighter is better when it comes to your kids, there’s also the option for going as bold as they dare. In ranges for older boys, we’re seeing more colourful palettes with ‘90s inspired colours like neon yellow, bright red and bright blue. While for older girls, there’s a lot of baby pink tones to come, as well as other toned-down hues like blush, terracotta and cream.

1. H&M - Navy Leggings
2. Target - Junior Lifestyle Jogger Sneakers
3. Country Road - Cord Autumn Dress


Or, discover more great retailers here to explore more kids’ fashion trends for yourself.