Order & Collect Terms and Conditions
Published 20 May
Canberra Centre Shopping Centre Order and Collect

Terms and Conditions

1. Canberra Centre Shopping Centre is the operator of Canberra Centre Order and Collect. We are responsible for operating and managing Canberra Centre Order and Collect. 
2. Canberra Centre Order and Collect service will operate 10:00am to 4:00pm from Monday to Sunday. 
3. You acknowledge that We act as agent for Your participation in Canberra Centre Order and collect only to the extent that We enable customers to collect their Orders. 
4. Other than an agency, these terms and conditions do not create or imply any partnership or any other relationship between Us and You, or any customer. To the maximum extent permitted by law, We accept no liability for any loss or damage incurred in connection with an Order, including Your actions, negligence or omission. 
5. We are not responsible for the ordering or payment process for any Orders. We act as facilitator only for Canberra Centre Order and Collect. All ordering and payment terms are governed by the You.
6. We will provide You with numbered stickers to use when customers wish to make an order and utilise the Canberra Centre Order and Collect service. You must: 
a. fill in the store name, customer’s full name, estimated pick up date and time, number of parcels and phone number; 
b. provide the sticker number to the customer; and
c. advise the customer that they must present photo ID to collect their Order & call 0451 523 184 when they arrive.
7. When the customer’s parcel is ready to be collected, You must contact the Collection Team by calling 0451 523 184. The Collection Team will collect the parcel from your store and transport to the designated Order & Collect collection point. The parcel must be clearly marked with the numbered sticker.
8. Canberra Centre Shopping Centre is not liable for any damaged, lost, spoilt, misplaced or unclaimed goods. We do not accept any responsibility for the safe custody of any goods.
9. You agree that any goods left with us at Canberra Centre Order and Collect is at Your sole risk.  
10. You authorise us to release the goods to any person who produces evidence to prove identity of the name listed on the Numbered Sticker.  
11. We reserve the right to refuse to provide Canberra Centre Order and Collect services to any person or may impose reasonable conditions before providing Canberra Centre Order and Collect. 
12. Any personal information provided to Us will be dealt with in accordance with our Privacy Policy at https://www.qicgre.com/privacy-policy. 
13. These terms and conditions incorporate Our conditions of entry to car parks which are displayed at the entry to the Car Parks. 

In these terms and conditions:
“Car Park” means all car parks associated with the Centre, including all entry and exit ramps, driveways and walkways together with any lifts, escalators or stairways servicing the car parks or connecting the car parks to any other part of the Centre.
“Centre” means Canberra Centre Shopping Centre, 148 Bunda St, Canberra ACT 2601.
“Canberra Centre Order and Collect” means the service operated by Us for the purpose of facilitating the collection of Orders for goods placed by You with a Retailer. 
“Order” means an order placed by You with a Retailer using Canberra Centre Order and Collect. 
“Retailer” means the retailers at Canberra Centre Shopping Centre offering and providing the goods for sale and purchase through Canberra Centre Order and Collect. 
“Vehicle” includes any vehicle, its parts and accessories and any property (including valuables) left in or on it.
“We”, “Us” or “Our” means Canberra Centre Investments Pty Ltd (ACN 067 682 893) as trustee for the Canberra Centre Shopping Centre Trust as owners of the Centre, and includes our respective agents, contractors and employees.
“You” or “Your” means any Retailer who participates in Canberra Centre Order and Collect
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Published on 23 June, 2021