The clever gadgets that are even smarter than they look
The all-in-one wearable timepieces that will upgrade your daily life
Published 05 April

With a smart watch on your wrist, everything you need to know – even the time – is just a glance away. We all know they can count your steps and track your exercise throughout the day, some even let you make calls and send messages, but these smart watches have a few extra tricks up their sleeves.

#1 For health

Think of the Apple Watch Series 4 like your own private physician. It constantly monitors your heart rate for signs of trouble and even notifies someone if you have a fall. Meanwhile, the Breathe app helps you keep your cool – taking you through a series of calming breaths to help reduce stress.

#2 For fitness

The waterproof Fitbit Versa is for keen swimmers, not just tracking your heart rate but also counting your laps of the pool. The watch even supports contactless payments, so you can leave your wallet at home and simply swipe your wrist to pay to get into the pool.

#3 For kids

The kid-friendly Garmin’s Vívofit Jr. 2 doesn’t just track fitness, it also lets parents keep track of their children’s chores and even manage their pocket money and other rewards from their smartphone. It sports a one-year battery life, so it doesn’t need regular charging, and comes in a range of cool designs.


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