Makeup artist Nicole Thompson's genius makeup hack
We asked our EDEN masterclass host to reveal her top insider secrets, and she didn’t disappoint!
Published 15 October

Nicole Thompson is best known in the beauty industry as Pinky. Her brighter-than-bright pink hair is her signature. And her makeup skills have earned her the title of one of Australia’s leading makeup artists. She’s worked backstage at all of the world’s top fashion shows and knows every makeup trick in the book. The best part? She’s not shy about sharing them with others. In October, Pinky will be hosting a makeup masterclass in the Canberra Centre that you won’t want to miss. But while you wait, we asked Nicole to spill her top tips and favourite products.

What are 5 products you use every day without fail?

“#1. An eyelash curler! So old-school, but it has never failed me. What’s the point in spending all that time on your mascara if your lashes go straight down?
#2. MAC Strobe Cream. Having dry skin, this backstage-favourite moisturiser gives a glow to the skin that comes through foundation.
#3. Foundation. I would love to say that I effortlessly roll out of bed flawless, but that is far from the case. MAC Studio Fix Fluid gives me maximum coverage with minimum effort.
#4. Highlighter. My face is not complete without a glaze of smooth powder highlighter. I’m currently using Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow.
#5. My brow pencil, Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. I seriously have no brows! And I need to draw my personality on!”

What are some of your makeup career highlights?

“Working on Cirque du Soleil in Japan was mind-blowing. Having to teach such intricate makeup to performers that did not speak English taught me that makeup really is a feeling. It was a fabulous experience. Also, the first time I touched down at Paris Fashion Week was the moment I felt my dreams coming true. I have been going for 10 years now and have worked on some of the biggest shows and with the biggest makeup artists. I learn from EVERY minute; it never gets old.”

What upcoming makeup trends are you most excited about?

“I am loving a lot of liner looks that I am seeing lately, and makeup with a ‘60s vibe. Big eyes, chunky lashes — yes, yes, yes! Velvet matte skin is always welcome in my mind, I love seeing natural matte skin that is not heavy, it’s effortless. And glitter! It only used to be for the brave, but more and more people are playing with glitter moments in their beauty routine and I LOVE it.”

What are your secrets for a flawless base?

“The biggest mistake is to assume your expensive foundation will solve all your problems.
You MUST nourish and hydrate your skin first for the foundation to look its best. Also, one size does not fit all. Just because you see someone on YouTube looking flawless doesn’t mean that same base will work on you. You must try the foundation on and get outside to see it in all its glory before purchasing. Oh, and layer, layer, layer! One thick layer will look old and patchy before you have left the house. Layers of foundation don’t have to look or feel heavy. By buffing on the layers with a soft fluffy brush you will achieve a flawless, soft finish.”

What is your weirdest beauty tip?

“Your lipstick has many uses beyond lips – as blush, eyeshadow and also a colour corrector.
That’s right! Next time your dark circles are really showing, dab a little bit of your favourite orange or warm red lipstick onto the dark circle before applying your concealer- it will counteract the blue!”

If you want to learn more insider beauty secrets, come to Pinky’s EDEN Beauty Masterclass on Saturday 27th October at 12pm-1pm. To secure your place, purchase your ticket here.