Master the high-gloss makeup trend
Gloss up your lips and eyes with the help of these quick tips.
Published 26 July

Inspired by Chantelle Baker's declaration that gloss is back in a big way, we've rounded up some of the easiest ways to experiment with wet-look makeup.

Your go-to for this look is a playful brand like 3INA, which has all the high-impact glosses, highlighters, eyeshadows and precision tools to switch up your standard makeup routine.

The shiny lip

This time around, lip gloss formulas are just as glossy but nowhere near as sticky (flashback to those teen years when your hair was forever getting stuck to your lips). Pair it with a glossy eyelid for an impactful look or wear it with just about anything else. 3INA’s Lip Vinyls are long lasting, silky and come in a variety of shades stretching from neutrals to deeper berries.

The latex-look lid

There’s something especially youthful and fresh about a glossy eyelid, which is an Instagram trend that actually works in real life. 3INA’s eye gloss comes in four shades from clear to pink, and doubles as a lip gloss. It comes in an easy-to-use applicator and a pump of clear gloss on bare eyelids complements a berry-coloured lip exceptionally well. 


The splash of color
Gloss is a fun way to ramp up the impact of pastel pink and purple eyeshadows, or to set in place those shocking orange and marine blue hues that are so popular at the moment. It's best to use an eye primer first to ensure the powder sticks and those with smaller lids will find that a dab of gloss or shimmer in the centre will really make their eyes pop.
The graphic shapes

Forget the matte cat-eye flick; for maximum drama you want to draw graphic lines that defy convention with a gloss-effect pencil. 3INA offers an eyeliner tracing guide free with purchase so you can easily experiment with sharp angles, dots or multiple lines, and the vegetable waxes in the brand's high-shine liners even offer more hydration than your average kohl.


Visit 3INA today to trial the latest wet-look and ultra-glowy makeup.