In conversation with Jesinta Franklin
The fashion icon teases her thoughts on AW18 fashion
Published 26 April

Model, influencer and front-row regular Jesinta Franklin teases a few of her tips for dressing, looking and feeling well this season ahead of our Style and Beauty Q&A this Saturday.

Has your recent hairstyle change impacted your style choices?
Going blonde hasn’t changed my makeup choices or the way I dress much because I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with different colour combinations but chopping my hair shorter did feel liberating. Hair can become something of a safety net and I was worried that a shorter style would be less versatile, but it’s actually the opposite. I feel like a new woman and the bonus is it’s easy to take care of.

When cooler weather looms, do you make changes to your skincare routine?
My skin does tend to dry out more in winter and one of the ways I combat this is by applying an extra layer of night cream, one after cleansing as normal and then another right before I go to sleep. I also increase how much water I’m drinking for extra hydration. In general, I’m strict about keeping up a daily skincare ritual and find that double cleansing is one of the best ways to keep my skin looking healthy.

Which AW18 looks are you most excited about?
For me this season is all about tailoring and the perfect fit. If you take an inexpensive piece of clothing and get it professionally altered for a more personalised fit, it instantly looks much more expensive. Besides that, I just picked up a darker mom-style jean that I’m expecting to get a lot of use out of over autumn and winter, and I love finishing off an autumnal look with a brown matte lip.

Many look to you for style inspiration, but what’s inspiring you at the moment?
I really admire people who seem to be able to reinvent classic pieces endlessly and make trends their own. The way that [Vogue Australia’s] Christine Centenera and Josh Goot combine timeless pieces into capsule wardrobes for their new label is interesting, for example. I love that concept of creating a uniform for yourself featuring a few well-made pieces that you can rotate in different combinations with different accessories. I’m also loving the gold pieces in the Tiffany & Co. HardWear jewellery collection [which launched this time last year].

What was it like fronting a Christian Dior fragrance campaign earlier this year with Buddy?
We very much have our own things going on so it was really exciting to get that chance to work together, and for it to be with a brand of such heritage. The fact Miss Dior was the first perfume that Bud ever bought for me made the project extra special and it’s still my go-to perfume. For me applying fragrance is the final step to feeling mentally prepared for the day, and if I’m headed to an important business meeting I might switch to Bud’s Sauvage Eau De Parfum to help announce “I’m here to play with the big boys”.

Any beauty shortcuts you swear by?
One of the things I picked from a makeup artist recently was to use a brow gel that’s a shade lighter than your natural eyebrow colour to add texture. I’m pretty low maintenance when I’m not shooting but you’ll always find a bold red lipstick in my handbag for making that quick transition from day to night-time look. I never leave the house without my Miss Dior rollerball either. If I’m not feeling great for some reason my default pick-me-up is to get a manicure; having smart nails somehow makes me feel like I have my life together. Otherwise, I find that making time to swim in the ocean or reconnect with friends gives me the boost I need.

As a self-confessed fitness fanatic, have you any tips for staying motivated after summer ends?
I’ve noticed my motivation for hitting the gym has fallen slightly and whenever that happens my solution is to sign up for group classes, ideally with a friend, and put it in your diary as you would any other recurring appointment. That way you’re accountable to others, and to your bank account if you’ve paid up front.

How do you deal with being under constant scrutiny as someone in the public eye?
I just live my life authentically and accept that there will always be people who want to bring you down but that doesn’t need to stop you being proud of who you are. In the fashion world you’re expected to embody confidence and I suppose working in the industry from a young age helped me build a buffer for myself.

As a Gold Coast native based in Sydney, what is your impression of Canberra?
Buddy and I enjoyed a weekend in Canberra not too long ago and it was the greatest; the city is so underrated considering how much there is to do. I jogged up Red Hill and it was just beautiful. Buddy's sister and her husband live in Canberra so getting the chance to spend some time with some family and then come meet everyone at the Q&A is really exciting. It’ll be a whistle-stop trip but I can’t wait.

Only a few tickets remain for the Style and Beauty Q&A with Jesinta Franklin on Saturday 28th April, including Champagne reception and Beauty Bar pampering, so reserve your tickets now to avoid disappointment.